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Welcome Fishing Guides, Charter Services, Cottage Resort, Fishing Lodge, Tackle Shop and Marina Operators! Post your local fishing reports here, absolutely FREE! Help out your local anglers and share some great tips and techniques for your favorite fishing spot. Bring more exposure to your business and post a fishing report today!

This area of our website is still relatively new and we will be adding new regions by request. If you operate a fishing related business in a country, province or state not listed, please email us and we will add your region promptly. Thank-you & Happy Fishing!


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Latest Fishing Reports

1: Shell Beach 04-24&25-15
Late Friday and Saturday report from the Beach. I helped Capt. Mark run part of the 4 boat Zachary Group. Friday we started out looking for Trout on the edge of the Sound. The wind made things tough,
Louisiana on Apr 30th 2015

2: Shell Beach 04-11-15
Fun Saturday at the Beach. My crew for the day was Mark, Irvin, Joe, and Lenard. The weather was kind of iffy, and there were some showers heading our way so we stayed close in the marsh. Joe had the
Louisiana on Apr 15th 2015

3: Shell Beach 04-8-15
Wednesday’s running of the Bulls at the Beach. I had the Forrest Fife group of three. They spent the night across the street from my boat slip at the First Cast Lodge. With Reds and Heads in mind we h
Louisiana on Apr 10th 2015

4: Shell Beach 04-6-15
Father and son fun Monday at the Beach. I had the pleasure of fishing with Brian and his son Jack from Colorado. They were in town visiting with family and wanted to get a little fishing in while down
Louisiana on Apr 7th 2015

5: Shell Beach 03-28-15
Redfish and Sheepehead
Louisiana on Apr 1st 2015

6: Chinook & Halibut Fishing Recap 2014 Ucluelet BC Canada
Chinook & Halibut
British Columbia on Dec 23rd 2014

7: Shell Beach, LA 8-29-14
Louisiana on Aug 31st 2014

8: Shell Beach, LA 8-22&23-14
Speckled Trout and Redfish
Louisiana on Aug 26th 2014

9: Kalamazoo River : 08-21-14
Smallmouth Bass
Michigan on Aug 21st 2014

10: Shell Beach, LA 8-8-14
Speckled Trout
Louisiana on Aug 14th 2014

11: Shell Beach, LA 8-5-14
Speckled Trout
Louisiana on Aug 11th 2014

12: Shell Beach, LA 7-19-14
Speckled Trout and Redfish
Louisiana on Jul 21st 2014

13: Shell Beach, LA 7-16-14
Speckled Trout and Redfish
Louisiana on Jul 20th 2014

14: Shell Beach, LA 7-8-14
Speckled Trout and Redfish
Louisiana on Jul 10th 2014

15: Shell Beach, LA 7-5-14
Speckled Trout and Redfish
Louisiana on Jul 7th 2014

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