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   Advertising Rates

At we offer two main types of advertising opportunities: Premier Business Listings and Banner Ad Campaigns.

Premier Business Listings

Our Premier Business Listings are organized by geographical area, and include vacation properties such as Cottage Resorts, Fishing Lodges, Fishing Camps, Bed-and-Breakfast Inns, Hotels, Motels and Private Cottage rentals. Our services listings include businesses such as Fishing Guides, Charter Services, Tackle Shops, Marinas, Boat retailers and more.
We offer three levels of exposure for your business listing; Gold, Silver & Bronze. Submit a Listing

Features Bronze Listing Silver Listing Gold Listing
Price FREE! $14.95 $24.95
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Add your Listing Submit Listing
Property/Business Type
Nearest Lake/River
Area Fishing
Location Address
Contact Name(s)
Phone Number(s)
Email Form
Website Link
(if applicable)
one time fee
Colour Logo &
Picture Banner
250 Word
Priority Listing
(above all Bronze)
Priority Listing
(above all Silver)
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For more information on our Business Listings.. Click Here..

Banner Ad Campaigns

We currently offer two types of banner ad placements on our website:
SiteWide 'Top-of-the-Page' Banner Ads and In The Spotlight Banner ads.

We also offer placement text ads by request, please contact us to apply.

SiteWide Banner Ads

SiteWide banner ads are displayed on the 'Top-of-the-Page' giving your ad excellent exposure to nearly all our visitors. Our SiteWide ads are standard 468x60 and can be jpg/gif, animated/non-animated. If you don't have a banner, no problem, we can design one for you. For only $49.95/year you will receive one full year of 'Top-of-the-Page' banner ad displays.

In The Spotlight Banner Ads

Advertise your business on our Featured Hotspots pages. For only $49.95/year, this highly targeted banner advertising offers premier placement on our new "In The Spotlight" sections. Simply choose a Featured Lake or River of your choice, purchase this advertising package, and we'll design your banner for you. Your banner will be an attractive 160x240 pixel animated banner, which is sure to catch the eye of our visitors. Email us for inquiries about any of our advertising packages.

Our Rates & Specifications

Our rates are very reasonable, well below the internet standard for targeted advertising, which can be as high as $40 per 1,000 impressions. For only $24.95 you get ~30,000 impressions, that's 97% lower than the industry standard!

  • Dimensions: 468x60 / 160x240
  • Max Size: 28k
  • Format: JPG/GIF - Animated / Non-animated
Impressions Cost (US)* Cost per 1000
Full Year
~ 60,000†
In The Spotlight
Full Year
~ 30,000†

   Featured Lake / River

*payments processed by Northshore Internet

We are a Paypal Verified Company  

SiteWide 'Top-of-the-Page' banner ads will be in rotation with other advertisers. In The Spotlight banner ads will be displayed to all visitors on the selected Featured Hotspot webpage, with 'Top-of-the-Frame' positions sold on a first come-first server basis. All impressions are only estimates and may vary. Submitted banners and graphics subject to approval.

For more information on our Banner Advertising.. Click Here..

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