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Lake Mead &
Lake Mohave

     Located in the arid regions of the Southwestern US, along the Nevada and Arizona Border, Lake Mead and Lake Mohave can surprise anglers with some excellent fishing. The Lakes provide year round action for both stripers and largemouth bass, with the season peaking from April to October. Topwater action can be fantastic especially in the fall, when stripers are busting the surface targeting shad schools.

Largemouth bass movements within Lake Mead and Lake Mohave are predicted by the season.

In winter, bass can be found deep, off points and other underwater structures. Jig and pig combos in dark colours ie. Purple or brown fished slowly along the bottom can be productive.

In spring, during the spawn, which occurs as early as February on some parts of the lake through to early May, the fish are shallow. Casting plastic worms, lizards or crawdads in light colours can be effective. Spinner baits flipped around structure is also a proven tactic this time of year.

In summer, early mornings, topwater lures in shad or crawdad patterns can produce some fish. Afternoons and overcast days, crankbaits and plastic worms fished deep off points and reefs can be rewarding.

In fall, the bass are very active, and plastic worms, crankbaits and topwater plugs will produce consistent catches of bass. The average fish is 2 pounds although larger fish in the 5lb range are not uncommon.

    Stripped bass movements in Lake Mead and Lake Mohave are also very seasonal. In winter, trolling or fishing very deep with anchovies is a proven method. In spring, the bass spawn from mid May through mid June, and crankbaits or anchovies in water 25-60 feet deep can be very effective. In summer and fall, fish are actively running shad to the surface creating excellent topwater action especially in late fall up until the end of November.

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